Gerardo Sierchio was born in Italy. His first steps into piano music took place at the age of 4 and it soon became clear that he had a propensity for music.

It was Gerardoʼs mother who encouraged him to take lessons from a local piano teacher, who, during those first eight years, taught him the basics and introduced him to the famous Vitale technique that inspired Gerardoʼs future career as a teacher. Diligent and assiduous practice laid the foundations for his technique in both playing and interpretation.

When accepted at the ‘Liceo Musicale Antonio Paganiniʼ Gerardo further developed his technique. He performed in many concerts organised by Maestro Adriano Falcone and took various exams in the Conservatorio San Pietro a Maiella of Naples, thanks to Maestro Falconeʼs patience, passion and support. Gerardoʼs career as student took a different direction after meeting Maestro Domenico Trotta, a virtuoso pianist and composer for Pianoforte and Harmonium. His approach was completely different. He taught Gerardo how to understand his improvisation; also, he introduced him to the study of the harmony – essential for his development as a composer.

After the 5th and 8th year in the ‘Conservatorio Giuseppe Martucci of Salernoʼ, Gerardo decided to take a break from the classical studies, studying and learning the secrets and intricacies of Jazz and Blues that had always fascinated him from a young age. Valuable experience was gained while performing in many Jazz Clubs and Festivals around Italy, Spain, Germany, France and United Kingdom. He performed in trios and quartets as well as a soloist during this period. This experience introduced Gerardo to his passion for Guitar and Arrangements in general that helped develop his work as an arranger.

But the passion for Classical music returned stronger than before, and after gaining the Diploma in Pianoforte Principale in Naples, he started a career as teacher and composer. Over the years Gerardo has composed a vast selection of works, and his teaching method – both patient and strict – has resulted in considerable success for his pupils.

J.S.Bach, W.A.Mozart, F.Chopin, F. Liszt and on top of everybody L.Van Beethoven, were always Gerardoʼs inspiration.
As Gerardo says: ‘This powerful music always helped my career – my personality – my life.ʼ

Personal Specialisation:
ABRSM (Associated Board Royal School of Music ) all grades Trinity college, all grades
Jazz and Harmony lessons
Composition and Orchestration

Music Therapy
Performance Direction Assistance for Piano competition and Admissions
Mixing and producing Based on Logic digitals platform
Guitar, Arabic percussions, Flutes, Backing Vocals, Bass guitar, Harmonium Theory and Solfège.

Photography and Video Maker
Fluent in Spanish, English, Italian

PIANO 100%
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GERARDO at Ebony Ivory Music School

Live Performance of GERARDO at Ebony Ivory Music School