My name is Kyran Pishori, and I am the primary drum set and percussion teacher at Ebony and Ivory.

I’ve been behind a drum set for over a decade, with years of experience anywhere between performing in small bands to larger function orchestras, as well as in writing and recording drum parts in the studio. Years of performance and composition in a wide variety of contexts has given me experience in virtually every genre, ranging from latin and fusion, to pop and rock, to musical theatre and big band, though I do have a particular fondness for jazz, being the genre I grew up with as a child!

My teaching method is a product of years in music education, and aims to build proficiency and comfort around the drum kit, with a particular focus on improvisation, to create drummers who are more than capable of learning and improving themselves for the rest of their lives.

I teach to all abilities and ages, and specially tailor lessons to the goals of students, be it towards the grading syllabus, performance as part of a band, or just for personal enjoyment!

DRUM 100%
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Kyran at Ebony Ivory Music School

Live Performance of  Kyran at Ebony Ivory Music School